Galen Bargrave, High Lord

The Old Goat, the foul-tempered and moody lord of the Southereach. Father of Damien.


High Lord Galen Wenthill Bargrave, Lord of the Greatkeep of Restmont, the Southreach, and the Black Marsh, Warden of the Shieldwall, son of Kirkwin the Tall (age: 76)

Lord Galen has always been foul tempered and disagreeable, and he has grown even more so in his later years. Noted for both his arrogance and his volatility, along with his outspoken hatred of the McAlistairs (and their allies, the Thornehursts), Galen’s moods have colored the political landscape of the kingdoms for a generation. No one is quite sure what (or who) originally started the blood feud between Edwin McAlistair and Galen Bargrave, but what is certain is that the two men felt it so deeply that the feud has continued well after Edwin’s death, passed on to his son Byron. The Bargraves and the McAlistairs have been fighting politically and physically for nearly fifty years running now, originally using the Callahans as a rope in a violent game of tug of war, and progressing into outright conflict during the War of the Long Summer (thirty years prior) and the war of the Greenbelt sixteen years ago. Though the demotion of House Callahan (and the subsequent absorption of their lands and wealth by the Bargraves) mollified matters somewhat, house McAlistairs refusal to return his daughter Tara has deepened his anger and mistrust.

With Tara as a hostage, and the Terin Empire ever more pressing on his southern border, Galen has largely sat back and bid his time… until earlier this year, in which a plot to kidnap Tara and bring her back to the Bargrave lands, using a band of hired mercenary raiders as a distraction, was uncovered by McAlistair spies. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for King Eamon, sending him into the rage that prompted him to draft the Treaty of the Heirs.

Lord Galen is also noted for his intense loyalty to his family, and his love of his son and heir, Damien Bargrave, despite their frequent disagreements and differing political opinions. He is notoriously prickly about the rumors that his son is a wizard, fervently denying them as “slander”.

He is a sturdy man of prodigious height in his later years, with a thin, angular face. His eyes are brown, and his grey beard is worn in a long, “satyr-like” chin goatee. Despite his advanced age, Galen remains in good health.

Nicknames: The Old Goat

Known Personal Friends and Allies: None


Galen Bargrave, High Lord

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