Ace of the Winter Court. Lord of the Thornmarch.


Phineas Dalandan was the first-born heir Marquis Raleighen Dalandan of Castle Etren “The Arch,” which exists as the sole border to the southern Fernor mountains and thus, the entire region. Unfortunately for all, Phineas was also born with a crippled and near-useless leg, placing him in poor health his entire youth and calling his adequacy into question. The birth of his younger brother, Phelan, along with rampant rumor as to Phineas’s impotence was enough to see him disowned by the age of sixteen.

Phineas, along with his servants the Gagnons, made the move to Cailinport to better keep a finger on the pulse of the nation. It was often joked that Phineas, in fact, lived at court. There, he made plentiful associates and enemies, though it could not be said the same for friends except in the case of now High King Faerun Tevignon-Wriken.

When King Eamon Wriken passed the treaty of Castorhall, Phineas made sure his name was among those of the attendees, though it is anyone’s guess how the disowned heir of a lesser house found himself company among the lord heirs of the nation.

There, he was an instrumental, if unseen player in the events leading up to the War of the Blackwood, especially after killing Kathel Cian, one of the Knights of the Court of Blades and taking the seat for his own.

Phineas’s dealings in Faerie in the interim are largely unknown, but by reckoning of time on the Material plane, it was a mere matter of months until he’d exchanged a knighthood in a subordinate court for the position of Ace of the Winter Court, a seat, much like that in a deck of cards, which exists almost outside of the hierarchy. The ensuing events revealed him as a powerful mage, an event he claims arose in tandem with becoming a fae, though his prowess and nonchalance call the veracity of such into question.

At the time of the merging between Faerie and Material, when then King of Winter Madoc Morfryn awarded lordship of much of Telera to members of his own High Court, Phineas was given the Thornmarch, lands formerly belonging to the family to which his own father owed fealty. Sensing an oncoming change in the winds, before the final conflict with the Horned Queen, Phineas proposed betrothal to Elanor Thornehurst-Aetherian and the two were married after deciding on the terms of an extensive marriage contract.

He and his wife exhibit poorly veiled animosity at all times, but the power of the new King and Queen of the Thornmarch yet grow and one expects it will further at the time of Pyria Aetherian’s passing and the acquisition of her lands to which Elanor is rightly entitled.

Phineas has made no big moves since the War of the Blackwood, but, given his drastic upward trend from the time was disowned only a decade ago, one can assume it will only be a matter of time.


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