Adventuring Parties and Mercenary Companies

The Blackwood Scions
The Heirs Apparent of the Realm, sent to Castorhall. The PCs.

The Grey Fellowship
A Fernor adventuring party of six young knights, consisting entirely of wealthy unlanded peers and lesser sons of great houses. Now officially retired.
Former members:

Duke Landon Blackhope
Ser Seraphine Iver
Ser Nicolas Tevignon-LaRoux
Ser Gordin L’Argentin

Honorary Member:
Lord Heir Faerun Tevignon

The Sons of the Fist
Claiming to be a Hexfist mercenary company that refused to follow the Fallen and fled to Telera, the Sons of the Fist are a small but well-organized and well-equipped force. They charge top dollar for their services.

The Nameless Ones
An elite group of assassins and spies with legendary talents for disguise.

Adventuring Parties and Mercenary Companies

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