The official state religion of both Telera and the Holy Terin Emperium. Founded by the martyred prophet Hemen. The central tenets of the faith are kindness/acceptance and the control of/and or suppression of magic (severity depending on denomination). It is taught that mortals stole magic from the gods, and thus the gods turned away from mortals. Then the gods sent their messenger Hemen to tell mortals that the gods would be willing to return to watching over their children and saving their souls in the afterlife if all mortal races could turn away from unholy and selfish uses of magic, using magic only to serve mortalkind and the gods.

The Terin church interprets this in a very extreme manner, allowing only church-taught binding magic to be used at all, and even then only for healing. The Telera church, however, is much more moderate, believing that this tenant merely means that Mages have a responsibility to use their magic with moderation, and not turn it on fellow men.

The Pantheon consists of twelve gods in a unified pantheon, ten of whom are children of the two High Gods, Lor and Tyche. Lor and Tyche represent the concept of Those Things We Can Control and Those Things That Are Luck/Fate respectively, as well as the concepts of Male and Female. Generally, faithful Auldirmites worship all twelve equally, but consider themselves to have one particular patron god or goddess.

Lor N

God of Magic, Lore and Knowledge, Father of the Gods

Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Healing
Weapon: Staff (Quarterstaff)

Tyche CN

Goddess of Luck, Prophecy, Fate Mother of the Gods
Luck, Chaos, Trickery, Charm

Torm LG

God of Honor, Justice, Defense, Chivalry, The Sun

Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Fire, Sun, Protection

Weapon: Bastard Sword

Dalenna NG

Goddess of Life, Nature, Farming, Healing

Domains: Animal, Community, Good, Plant, Healing

Weapon: Longbow

Reah CG

Goddess of Love, Freedom, Travelers, Bards, Song
Domains: Chaos, Liberation, Travel, Charm, Good, Air
Weapon: Rapier

Soth LN

God of Death, Decisions, Law and Knowledge, Reaping
Domains: Repose, Knowledge, Law, Darkness
Weapon: Scythe

Dundarrow LN

God of Stone, Metal, The Forge, Crafts, Dwarves
Artifice, Earth, Law, Rune, Strength Warhammer or Maul
Tyche N Goddess of Luck, Prophecy, Fate Mother of the Gods Luck, Knowledge, Trickery, Charm Dagger

Leres CN

Godess of Messengers, The Wind, Thieves, Trickery
Air, Trickery, Luck, Charm, Chaos
Short Sword

Sheroth CN

Goddess of the Sea, Storms, Weather
Air, Water, Weather, Destruction, Chaos

Cyrel LE

God of Rulership, Nobility, Pride, Contracts and Deals
Nobility, Evil, Law, Knowledge, War

Catharmin NE

God of Commerce, Money, Greed, Wealth Artifice, Evil, Charm, Trickery,

Corrana CE

Goddess of Battle, Rage, Destruction and Fire
Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Madness, Fire, War


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