House Wriken


Boldness is its Own Reward

The Royal House – Great House
New Blood

Sigil: A Griffin

Standard: Two griffins clutching a crown, gold on red

Seat: Highwater Castle, city of Cailinport

Allied Houses: LeMoreaux, Bargrave, Ramsay, Thornehurst

Opposition Houses: Tevignon, McAlistair, Duronir


Wealth: 7/10

The Wrikens are substantially wealthy, controlling as they do the trade and tax of the entire kingdoms.

Military Strength (Offensive): 4/10

The Wrikens lack the large standing army that some of the other great houses can bring to bear, due to their relatively small lands and relatively sparsely populated mountains. What forces they can field tend to be knights and conscripts from the grasslands and Cailinport.

Military Strength (Defensive): 9/10

The Lichlands are a 50/50 split between a stretch of greenbelt and a swath of heavily fortified mountains. The Mountains are considered to be nigh impregnable, and the plains are well defended by castles and outriders.

House Honor: High


“The Lichlands”, a swath of territory stretching from the eastern Brouilard mountains well into the greenbelt.

Imports: Food, Luxury goods, Wine

Exports: Wool, coal, grain, skilled labor

Natural Resources:

Population: Moderate

Notable Cities and Castles:

Notable Bannersman:

House Shadowhart of Shadowhold
Colors: Black and Grey
Sigil: An archer, black on grey
Patriarch: Duke Vogt Shadowhart
Words: Know Thine Own Heart.

House LeCroix of Damiencross
Colors: Purple and White
Sigil: Three white stars and a white cross on a field of purple
Patriarch: Marquis Anton LeCroix
Words: No Evil Shall Pass

House Osgar of Mistgate
Colors: Blue and Yellow
Sigil: Half of a yellow sunburst on a field of blue with two spears crossed
Patriarch: Baron Godric Osgar
Words: Never Know Dishonor

House Elnworth of Elnhold
Colors: Grey and Bronze
Sigil: A bronze rams skull on quadrants of grey and white
Patriarch: Marquis Robar Elnworth
Words: First Into The Fight


King Eamon Marcus Wriken, First of His Name, Lord of Highwater, High King of Talera, First among the Royan, Warden of the South, protector of the realm, son of King Lucas the Unwise (Age: 43)

King Eamon is widely considered a just and noble king, well beloved of his subjects, though his favor among the houses is mixed. He is a tall man in his middle years, with a bristly, well groomed beard. He has brown eyes and brown hair streaked with grey. He is noted both for his friendly nature and his quick temper.

Nickname(s): The Just, Hardhand

Known Personal Friends and Allies: High Lord Archibald Ramsay, High Lord Cameron Thornehurst, High Lord Sebastien LeMoreaux (Missing), Lord Heir Damien Bargrave

Queen Sarah Wriken Et McAlistair, deceased

Crown Princess Belgara “Gara” Wriken

Princess Lillienna “Lilly” Wriken

House Wriken

Fate of the First Jackalgrim