Orders and Societies

The Ordo Vitae

High Templar Countess Liara Vae’ar

Paladin order dedicated to the extermination of evil, particularly undead, demons and devils. In the last hundred years they have also shifted their duties to include the protection of mages from persecution.

The Ordo Praesus

High Templar Elena Moran

Paladin order dedicated to the protection of the helpless and the faithful. Aids the Ordo Vitae in smuggling mages out of Terin and protecting them from persecution, among other duties.

The Ordo Hospitaler


Paladin and Clerical order dedicated to healing. Runs many churches and hospitals and trains battlefield medics.

The Ordo Lux


Paladin order dedicated to the concepts of Honor and Knightly Virtue. Known for publicly denouncing and even attacking “false knights” and “dishonorable nobles”. Borderline outlaw, and not officially recognized by the church.

The Huntsmen

A noble society. Something of a gentleman’s club. Marked by a ritualized deer or boar hunt once a year, followed by a feast.

The Watchful Eye

A noble society, something of a gentleman’s club, membership restricted to male nobles of Old Royan decent. Not much is known about them.

Orders and Societies

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